Hurray! Nomination in Visuelt!

Today, Byggstudio have been nominated in Visueltkonkurransen for our identity work with Aurlandskoen.

Aurlandskoen store displays

Image by Markus Bergström

Newly designed Aurlandskoen store displays will soon be in the Husfliden store in Glasmagasinet, Oslo. A collaboration with furniture designer Markus Bergström.

Gold plating signs at Blomsterkungen

Plating by Ossian Eckermann.

We are finalizing our granite artwork with engraved signs for the new Blomsterkungen kindergarten in Stockholm this week! Opening in September. The project has been commissioned by Stockholm konst

Testing letters for kindergarten

Byggstudio´s project for a new Stockholm kindergarten is now in production. "Puzzle" letters to play with in different materials will be part of an engraved granite wall. Here´s our little testperson in action.

Namn som visas

Letters in production

Letters have arrived for our kindergarten project! Materials: leather, Corian, Durat, various wood and rubber. 

New signage project for the island of Utøya

We have been commissioned by the Labour Youth Party to work on the new signage for the island of Utøya and their new campsite. A challenging and important project!

Talk at We Love Graphic Design October 3rd

Byggstudio will talk at the We Love Graphic Design-seminar in Copenhagen on October 3rd. See you there!

Pre-nominated in Kolla!

We are very happy that our stone path project "Gråberget är inte grått" in Kiruna has been pre-nominated in this year´s Kolla! award! Check it out here:

Kolla! nominations here!

Engraved alphabetic signs for children

Byggstudio has been commissioned by Stockholm konst to design a wall interior with different alphabetic signs for some new kindergartens in Stockholm. At the moment we are collecting and re-drawing all kinds of alphabets to play with from different times and cultures for the original design.

A Moorish fake grass garden

A Moorish geometrical grass- and stone pattern designed by Byggstudio is being installed in Malmö Folkets park this week. This summer, it will work as a frame on the surface that replaces the shut down Tivoli. The pattern refers to the "Moorish" architecture of the entertainment palace Moriskan next by. More images soon.

Aurlandskoen Identity Preview

The factory in Aurland

Preview from the new identity for the norwegian shoe brand Aurlandskoen. More to come this spring!

A collaboration with New Work Studio and HAIK.
Photo: Märta Thisner.

Aurlandskoen Identity Preview

Logo and numbers for shoe size. In collaboration with Ian Brown.

Winter in the Park

Winter poster at Södra Förstadsgatan, Malmö.

In Malmö, Byggstudio continues to work with the park Folkets Park all year around.

Atombomb över Stockholm exhibition design

A timeline of protests.

Box diagram on the number of atomic bombs of different nations.

Secret room.

Opening today at Stockholms läns museum on the Cold War years in Sweden. Collaboration with Petter Odevall (motion visuals) and Markus Bergström (furniture).

Gråberget är inte grått images

On stone made by lava

In the stone workshop Naturstensbolaget in Kiruna

A few images from the stone and mineral path we designed for Järnvägsparken in Kiruna commissioned by Konstmuseet i norr.

Kiruna is a mining city focused on their huge iron ore in the Loussavaara mine. All other stone from the mine are leftovers called "gråberg", "grey mountain", but they consist of all sorts of minerals. This mineral path in the park enlightens a few cultural and geological facts on those minerals - called "gråberg". "The grey mountain is not grey".

Illustrations by Petter Odevall.

Link to Konstmuseet i Norr

A stone- and mineral path opens in Kiruna

Commissioned by Konstmuseet i Norr, Byggstudio has designed and initiated a path with facts on minerals and stones i the mining city of Kiruna in Lappland. Illustrations by Petter Odevall.

Opening on Saturday 13th of July. Welcome!

Link to Konstmuseet i Norr

Pictures from Träkaféet at Roskildefestivalen



Table excursion. Photo by Petter Odevall

Trädkaféet invited to a tree-tasting event at Roskildefestivalen 2013. A branch of the mobile café that focused on tastes from trees and forest with a menu with botanical descriptions of all ingredients.

Trädkaféet is going to Roskildefestivalen

Trädkaféet 6th of July at 2 pm

Join Trädkaféet`s food event at Roskildefestivalen in Denmark the 6th of July at 14 pm!

Link to event site:

More Than Eating

Fridens liljor in Tokyo

The Angry Bouquet

On the 20th of May, we will show a beta version of a new project of ours that we made in collaboration with the photographer Märta Thisner:

Fridens Liljor (Lilies of Peace) is a new Stockholm-based flower delivery service. Using the online shop as a platform, Fridens Liljor aims to explore varied cultural and aesthetic aspects relating to how we use and present flowers as decorative objects. A themed collection of bouquets and arrangements is released several times a year through the online shop. The very first collection of bouquets is based on the traditional language of flowers. More info soon!

Folkets Park new season

Photo: Lotten Pålsson

New signage map

Photo: Lotten Pålsson

Some new things being produced for Folkets Park in Malmö. The Eurovision Song Contest will be celebrated in the park and we made a sparkling silvery poster for it, among other things. The signage wall we made in 2010 will also get a complete make over this spring: new signs, new roof, new map.

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