Flower Farm café pics

Wall panel

Table tops

Lamp shade

Pictures from last week´s Flower Farm café at the garden fair Nordiska Trädgårdar in Stockholm. Byggstudio designed the interior with dried flower lamp shades and pressed flower wall panels and table tops. More pictures to come - by Märta Thisner.

Grow a dish and message

Waiting to be planted

As part of our exhibition Sommarland we invite all visitors to plant their own flower language message and their own vegetable recipe at Arkitekturmuseet. On April 28 we will re-plant them outside the museum at Skeppsholmen.

Namn som visas

Saturday´s guided tour at Gröna Lund

Nice gate.

The new roller coaster.

The amusement park´s architect Anna-Karin Ljungh guided us through the architectural details of the park.